• Custom Home Builds, Investment properties, Turn Key Homes And Model Merchandising: Tanya specializes in the Interior and Exterior Design of high-end and luxury custom homes for investors, private clients and developers.   She works personally with local and out of state homeowners, as well as investors, as she privately manages their design projects, home builds, remodels and custom interiors. She cares for every detail of their project as their personal liaison between herself, the client and the building contractors.
  • Seamless Execution: Tanya has created a unique experience for investors and discriminating homeowners. Making their project seamlessly cared for by one company, while assuring a breathtakingly beautiful, livable, classic interior that represents the clients objectives, their essence, and their goals. Her presence on the project takes much pressure and responsibility off of the homeowners shoulders All in order to have a pleasant and well executed design process with high financial returns.
  • Personalized Home Plan Review: She reviews and modifies house plans with architect/home designer and builder to finalize interior details, floor plans and workable spaces.
  • Interior Design Direction: Communicates directly with builder and sub-contractors to assure the direction of design specified by the home owner and designer. This brings confidence that all elements of the design are properly transferred into the home build project.
  • Management of Design/Build Projects: On site and in house meetings with subcontractors and builders make sure every detail is to client satisfaction. Stays on project until completion, move in and follow through.


  • Interior Design Direction: Determines the needs, personal tastes and exclusive design direction for clients to create a highly personal and amazing result for their home.
  • Surface Selection: Selects all hard and soft surfaces of home interiors and exteriors.
  • Customization: Customizes cabinetry, tile designs, flooring, trim and ceiling details, bathroom design, and kitchen layouts. Door and hardware selection. Details every moving part of the construction.
  • Exterior Design Direction: Exterior hardscapes, pool design, and landscape direction so the interior and exterior flow seamlessly throughout the home.
  • Color Selection: Personalizes color schemes and textures and style direction to create a highly exclusive, individual experience for the homeowner.
  • Interior Furnishings: Customizes all interior furniture, furnishings, accessories, ceiling additions, built-in units, customized wall coverings, and custom window treatments and fabrications.
  • Installation Management: Installs and manages all home furnishing details for completion of build and a fluid move-in for client.